Web enthusiast I've been making websites for several months now and i'm in love with it.

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So this is my portfolio section, where if i could fill it up, Here it would be filled! (note there are hidden animations here~)




Mase Fayazi

Web enthusiast

A little about me

Fabulous Mase

Me in general

Hello I'm Mase, 23 years old. And currently learning webdevelopment. I am Dutch with Asian roots.
I love to listen to music and do some hiphop dancing~ Also i'm a gamer, And i love to do some handstands in the weekend. Fan of technology and just chill vibes I love positivity and great energy I love to learn and improve myself and that's something that's central in my life.

Skills I'm learning

Currently pursuing a lot of skills including: Front end webdevelopment: Html/Css + Javascript. Php(not that skilled). Javascript frameworks like React and Angular are on the radar. Also I would like to improve my UI/UX skills. And backend technologies like MYSQL for databases and basic Linux skills are also of my interest.

Skills I want to learn in the future

I would love to learn how to do a backflip, do a freestanding handstand push up, and improve my time on the swimming course.

And offcourse be a better webdeveloper in general. I'm open to learn anything and improve in all directions!

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